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Treasury Management


We understand that you are busy running your business. With our Treasury Management solutions, you can increase productivity and profitability to effectively build your business.

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Treasury Management Solutions


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ACH Credit

With ACH Credit services, you can transfer funds automatically through our online banking platform so you can eliminate the need for paper checks. This is a secure, convenient way to reduce errors and maximize your cash flow.

Wire Manager

With Wire Manager, you can quickly generate one-time or recurring wire transfers to streamline operations. Scheduling transfers is reliable, secure, and easy making this an ideal service for large value or time sensitive transactions.


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ACH Debit

With ACH Debit services, you can collect recurring or one-time payments automatically. With this efficient, low-cost solution you will have the flexibility and control to draw payments and reduce the risk of fraud while optimizing cash flow.

Remote Deposit Capture

RDC is a service which allows users to scan checks and transmit the images to the bank for posting and clearing. This is a valuable, secure service that saves time by allowing you to make digital deposits and eliminate a trip to the bank.

Merchant Services

We have partnered with Fiserv to bring you customized payment solutions, extensive experience, the latest secure technology, and competitive pricing options to fit your merchant processing needs. 


Our secure Lockbox remittance service is designed for business clients with high volume payment collection needs. Payments are mailed to a designated address and are picked up daily and processed. The bank provides reporting of deposited items daily, which helps increase efficiency through timeliness and automation. This is a great way to convert collections into cash quicker and reduce fraud and oversights.

Prevent Fraud

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Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an excellent tool to detect and reduce fraud by controlling the checks that are presented to pay from your accounts. You can ensure every check presented has been authorized by comparing it to your issue file. If a check is presented for payment and it does not match your issue file, you have the chance to review and you can decide to pay it or return it. This is a key service to minimize risk to you and your business.

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